Avery Blackwood – Fiction mystery writing by a mysterious fictional character.


Avery Blackwood- TheftAvery Blackwood (yes, that’s me) has been hired as a wedding planner by a rather wealthy woman to plan her wedding (what else would a wedding planner do, after all?)

While in a meeting with this woman to get the ball rolling on the wedding planning, she confides in me that she believes her best friend, who she wants to be her maid of honor, is secretly in love with her fiancé.

Here’s the kicker:  My new client says she confronted her best friend and asked her point blank if she was on love with her fiancé.  The best friend swears she’s not, that she’s innocent. But don’t they all say that?

But I have a wedding to plan. After all, she’s hired me to do just that – plan a beautiful wedding.  Well, okay… so maybe her fiancé is having an affair, or maybe her best friend is just in love with a man that’s unavailable.  I’m just here to plan the wedding, not to get involved with the personal stuff.  Of course, if it turns out the best friend and fiancé are involved, then I can very well lose this client and a lot of money!

Yeah, that can get confusing – the line between getting too involved with your client’s personal life and doing the job you’re hired to do.  It happens sometimes.  Especially when a lot of money is involved. Some want to be your friend.  Something about planning their weddings…

So, I’m taking a break from taking a lot (and I mean a lot) of notes for this wedding. A wedding of this size will have a lot of activity going on, and a lot of planning will have to go into it to make it the perfect wedding.  I just popped open a can of Pepsi Next while I kick back for a few moments – thinking about what a lovely wedding party this is sure to be.

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  I love weddings and I love wedding parties, but I’m more into a party at the beach, with my shoes kicked off – not so much these social events that are usually attended by those who have at least a ten car garage and a mansion (oops, home) with as many bedrooms, or more!

I’m going to jot down a few more notes, then talk to my client again tonight to let her know what I came up with and see what she thinks about the wedding ideas.    Details… it’s all in the details.

I confess that I’m really curious if the best friend of my client is carrying on with the fiancé, even though the best friend claims to be totally innocent.  I’ve taken on quite a few interesting clients as a wedding planner, but this one’s got me baffled – why would the bride-to-be still want her best friend to be her maid of honor if she suspects something going on, and why is she still her best friend?

Hmmm… well, I don’t know but if the client confides in me again, I just might find out.  I certainly can’t ask – that would be just crass and totally unprofessional of me.  But if she offers the information, well hey that’s okay…