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by Avery Blackwood

Hi there.  If you’re on this page, it’s probably because you want to contact me – Avery Blackwood.  Or maybe you don’t want to contact me, but you were curious so you came to this page anyway.

Either way, here’s the contact email form, posted below.  Just put your name and email in, plus your message to me, and I should get it quickly.

If you’re looking to advertise on my blog site here, I must tell you that I’m not going to post much advertising on my site.  So if you have something that you think my readers (and future readers) will be interested in, tell me about it and if it’s a good fit, we might do business together.  I will also say that the only advertising I will do has to be paid up for a year in advance (none of this month to month stuff).  I’ll even give you the rates right here:  a text ad in the blog roll section is $360 a year (that’s $30 a month) and a 300×250 banner ad in the right column (no particular placement) is $600 a year ($50 a month). Send me an email and we’ll talk.

Next, no you cannot really hire me as a wedding planner.  Avery Blackwood is a fictional character.  The blog site here is real.  The books are real.  The clients are all fake and made up and put into blog posts and made into books.  I’m a real person who writes cozy mystery books as a fictional character.

I don’t have a set time that my cozy mystery books will come out.  I’m working on a cozy mystery novel now, and when that one is published, I will jump right into the next one in the series. Yes, this will be an ongoing series of cozy mystery books. As long as the interest is out there, I will keep them coming.

Last, if you want to make my cozy mystery books into movies, email me.  Please note I will not sell out cheap.  So please don’t insult me by asking me unless your check can back you up.

PS:  If you see a typo (or a few) on my site here, I am only a fictional human being.  You can either overlook them or email me and tell me about them and I shall correct them.  As charming as I am, I still miss things at times.  I would offer you a cupcake for telling me about any typo you find, but then you wouldn’t be able to eat it, since it’s on the web and not real.  🙂


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