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Avery Blackwood on Twitter

by Avery Blackwood

Avery Blackwood - TwitterSo, on Sunday I created my new Twitter account for Avery Blackwood, @BlackwoodAvery, since AveryBlackwood was already taken (sigh).

The next day (yesterday), my new account was suspended. The reason they gave was aggressive following. The funny thing is, I hadn’t followed even one person.

Needless to say, I emailed them to ask why my new account was suspended and how they came up with the idea that I had aggressively followed people, when I hadn’t started following anyone yet.

I decided to sign in today and check, just to see if the account was back active, even though I hadn’t receieved a reply to my email asking why the account was suspended in the first place for no reason.  I must say I was shocked to find that the account was once again active.

I’m glad it’s live again and that they corrected the mistake.  It’s not that I have a love affair with Twitter, but I do like the idea of being able to use it if and when I want to.


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