Avery Blackwood – Fiction mystery writing by a mysterious fictional character.

Avery Blackwood – Fiction Mystery Writing

by Avery Blackwood

Avery Blackwood - Walking in the Rain
Avery Blackwood – Fiction mystery writing by a mysterious fictional character.

I’m Avery Blackwood. Hi, and welcome to my blog.

Who is Avery Blackwood? Let me introduce myself.

By day (and sometimes night), I’m a wedding planner. After all, a person’s got to make a living, right?  And hey, I really love what I do – planning weddings. There’s always someone wanting or needing my wedding planning services.

Most of my clients are interesting, sometimes even fun (unless there’s been a murder – that’s not fun for the victim).  My work often takes me to exotic places, or sometimes to places that I just can’t wait to get away from.

I enjoy my work as a wedding planner, but I also have another passion.  No, I’m not talking about a person (this time). I’m a mystery writer who writes cozy mystery books. Yes, it’s true. I write cozy mysteries based on my wedding planning business and the mysterious things that can (and do) often happen.  Don’t worry – the names have been changed to protect the guilty (and the clients who pay me to plan their weddings).

I’ll let you know more about me, my work, and my books (as I publish them) on my blog.  You can sign up to get free email updates to my blog. The sign up box is in the right column on every page. Don’t worry – you’ll only get an email when I’ve updated my blog here, usually coming early in the morning for any updates the day before.  No spam, no junk.

Oh, one more thing I will share with you before I go.  I’m also a fictional character.



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