Avery Blackwood – Fiction mystery writing by a mysterious fictional character.

About Avery Blackwood

by Avery Blackwood

Avery Blackwood – Fiction mystery writing by a mysterious fictional character.

I’m Avery Blackwood. Hi, and welcome to my blog.

Who is Avery Blackwood? Let me introduce myself.

By day (and sometimes night), I’m a wedding planner. After all, a person’s got to make a living, right?  And hey, I really love what I do – planning weddings. There’s always someone wanting or needing my wedding planning services.

Most of my clients are interesting, sometimes even fun (unless there’s been a murder – that’s not fun for the victim).  My work often takes me to exotic places, or sometimes to places that I just can’t wait to get away from.

I enjoy my work as a wedding planner, but I also have another passion.  No, I’m not talking about a person (this time). I’m a mystery writer who writes cozy mystery books. Yes, it’s true. I write cozy mysteries based on my wedding planning business and the mysterious things that can (and do) often happen.  Don’t worry – the names have been changed to protect the guilty (and the clients who pay me to plan their weddings).

No, you cannot really hire me as a wedding planner.  Avery Blackwood is a fictional character.  The blog site here is real.  The books are real.  The clients are all fake and made up and put into blog posts and made into books.  I’m a real person who writes as a fictional character.

I don’t have a set time that my books will come out.  I’m working on a cozy mystery novel now, and when that one is published, I will jump right into the next one in the series. Yes, this will be an ongoing series of cozy mystery books. As long as the interest is out there, I will keep them coming.

If you want to make my cozy mystery books into movies, email me.    🙂